Broadway Market: Mass Exodus

The Atmosphere: SO two months / three years / a decade ago

The Discussion: Tedious

Conclusions: None

What have we learned?: Absolutely nothing

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Field Day Stragglers - Reader Submission

The Place: Field Day 2010, Victoria Park, Hackney.

The Flavour: Vanilla.

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Clapton Stragglers 18082010

Location: Best In Groceries, Clapton E5

Vibe: Allegedly organic

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Broadway Market Stragglers 16082010 #2

Location: Near The Film Shop, Broadway Market

Aroma: The deadening stench of pretentiousness

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Broadway Market Stragglers 16082010 #1

Location: L’eau à la Bouche, Broadway Market

Atmosphere: Frosty

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Broadway Market Stragglers

I forgot about this shot.

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We have a Facebook page. Feel free to join it.

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Broadway Market / Field Day Patrol 310710

The time: Between midday and 10pm, Saturday 31st July, 2010

The place: Broadway Market / Victoria Park Field Day Festival

The weather: Changeable

The people: 93% cunty

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Broadway Market Patrol 170710

The time: Between 2pm and 4pm, Saturday 17th July 2010

The place: Broadway Market, E8

The weather: Clement

The people: Insufferable

*     *     *

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Hipster Casualty 100710

Saturday morning, bright and early. You barely slept because of the cunts a couple of doors down having a party till 4am.

You could barely hear the dawn chorus as they were all whooping along to Wiggle It by 2 In a Room from the 90s - because there’s a 90s revival, if you hadn’t heard, even if the 90s was only about HALF A FUCKING HOUR ago.

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In what universe…

… is it ok to have a house-party on a residential road, where people are packed in sardine-like, some elderly, some infant and some weekend-workers? Not to mention the ill, or the recently bereaved, or the neurotic, or anyone else.

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